Who we are

We help organizations to increase the speed and stability of their IT delivery to meet business demand. We provide DevOps awareness workshop to organizations. The workshop can serve as a team building program or as a team assessment sessions. We provide DevOps training course to organizations. This course will teach you the framework and principles that you can apply in your organization.

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Continuous Delivery Measurement


DevOps Training


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring business and technology together as one using proven DevOps principles.

A little bit about us

We have a proven track record of a successful DevOps transformation experience, and we strongly believe providing a solid training, framework and strategy across the organization is the key for successful transformation.

How we can help

We are a small team of hands-on consultants well versed in building high-performance tech team that can keep delivering business value. We can coach a team in how to optimize a value stream, from business idea to production using a proven continuous delivery best practices. We also provide DevOps Foundation training and teambuilding program for your IT teams.

Our Main Services

Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.

DevOps Awareness Workshop

This workshop can be a team awareness, assessment or team building program for your IT teams or department. It's a gamification based workshop simulating serious IT issues happening in typical enterprises and how DevOps principles can be used to solve the problems. It's based on the famous DevOps book - The Phoenix Project.

Continuous Delivery Measurement

We can provide consulting services on your software delivery pipeline. We are using a data-centric approach to pinpoint the stability and speed impediments in your technology value streams, and recommend how to remove them.

DevOps Training

We provide DevOps Foundation, DevOps Leader, DevSecOps, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Test Engineering Courses. Knowledge and training is key to successful DevOps transformation, and these trainings are crucial in bringing your team to the next level.

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