The Phoenix Project DevOps Simulation Workshop

The Context

The age of software, that’s the era we are in right now. Digital disruptions are happening everywhere in the world and digital transformation initiatives are crucial for every organization. Software is playing a much larger role in how companies compete across broad range of industries. The competition shifts to SOFTWARE, and most organizations are finding that their current approach to managing software are limiting their ability to respond as quickly as the business requires.

DevOps is a fundamental shift in how leading-edge companies are starting to manage their software and IT work.

WHY most of the organizations failed their digital transformation initiatives? WHY IT teams cannot deliver fast enough? WHY the team can’t ship faster and reliable? WHYdevelopment and infrastructure operations team can’t work together? WHY legacy and security are a show stopper?

The New Way of Working

Digital transformation in organization is not just about technology and tools upgrade. It needs a new way of working across the organization. Technology leaders are playing a crucial part in this transformation journey, and it’s a must for modern tech leaders to equip themselves with DevOps knowledge. DevOps is THE NEW WAY OF WORKING. The essence of DevOps is about bringing Lean, Agile and ITSM together in an environment where Business, Software Development and IT Operations work together to bring business value by deploying FASTER with LESS Errors.

DevOps is the New Way of Working

What is this Workshop All About?

This is not a course; rather it is an interactive training workshop presented onsite only. Give us one day and you will learn what DevOps is really all about because you will live it through this excellent experiential learning experience!

Based on the popular DevOps book, The Phoenix Project, this interactive training workshop has been created to provide a real-life business experience for how to apply a collaborative and integrated approach to working between software development, IT operations and IT service management, and business units.

  • To learn about the practicalities of DevOps
  • To apply DevOps principles in a real-life situation
  • To find the right balance between delivering your Service Level Agreements (SLA) requirements and your IT projects according to plan
  • To experience how a collaborative DevOps approach can bring serious value to your business
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT department or team
  • To create better flow within your teams
  • To develop people’s skills to act in a fully integrated DevOps culture and environment
  • To show your internal business partners their responsibilities in making ITProjects more successful